Friday, May 1, 2015

MAY - "Behold Thy Mother"

In May, the month of Mary, I have gathered images that honor Mary, our Spiritual Mother.
The Church, both in the East and in the West, teaches that when, from the cross, Christ gave his Mother to the beloved disciple He gave her to each one of us:
"Behold Thy Mother."
(Jn 19:36-37)
Through baptism into the body of Christ, we are made one, and, because of this divine mystery, Mary can love each one of us as her own.
The artists saw Mary as the all-beautiful to whom we owe our love and our obedience. The artist of this tiny holy card expressed that belief. It is hand painted with inlay of mother of pearl. The flowers are symbolic of the gifts we offer to her. Placed above all others is the rose, the symbol of love; the lily symbolizes the purity of heart to which we strive, and the pansy symbolizes remembrance. To remember Mary, simply
to say her name with the love that belongs to her as our mother, is a blessing beyond imagining.


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